Ad Blocking

The Rise of Ad Blocking and What This Means for Marketers and Consumers Alike

If you have upgraded to the latest software on your smart phone or heard a friend talking about a recent online experience, the topic of ad blockers may have come up in conversation. What are they exactly? Ad blockers usually come in the form of a browser extension, preventing banners, popups, and other types of ads from appearing in your browser. This creates a less cluttered web-surfing experience that eliminates virtually all ads from websites, videos and social media. You may see it as a huge win, but marketers and advertisers are worried about how online revenues will take a hit due to this growing trend.

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Taylor Swift Connected Generation

The Connected Generation, As Inspired by Taylor Swift

For those of you who know me well, you knew this post was coming — it was just a matter of time that I’d give a shoutout to my favorite artist. It should also come at no surprise to anyone that Taylor Swift has changed today’s music industry and how artists connect with their fans. Having recently attended Taylor’s sold out shows in Nashville and Atlanta, I learned just how relevant social media is to engaging the 25-year-old’s audience and how it has shaped the way our generation connects with the world around us.

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Tuscaloosa One and Only

Tuscaloosa #OneAndOnly Branding Spotlight

A brand is more than copy for an ad, a logo, an identity mark. A brand tells a story. For the city of Tuscaloosa, a new story is being told. Not one of SEC football, 15 national championships, or Bear Bryant, but of the Druid City, Dinah Washington, and the city’s 5 major bodies of water. The one and only Tuscaloosa in the world has a story to share, and that story is being shared with locals and travelers alike.

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New York City Advertising Spotlight

With 280 Starbucks shops and 243 walk-up McDonalds in the great city of New York, it’s clear that brands matter. During a recent visit to New York City, I not only fell in love with the many great things to do there, but also with the advertising scene.

Studying advertising in college, I knew that New York was known for its great agencies and campaigns, but I couldn’t completely understand it until I visited the city for myself. In this post, I’ll outline my favorite campaign and more about New York’s advertising.

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Code 101

Is Coding for Me?

CSS. HTML. Javascript. If you’re seeking an opportunity in digital marketing, it’s likely you’ve heard of these terms. It’s how you build a website, right? Yes, and so much more. Learning how to code not only challenges your mind, but it opens the door to a world of new opportunities. If you enjoy solving problems and looking at things from a different perspective, learning how to code might be something you should explore.

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4 Marketing Takeaways From Sloss Fest 2015

Sloss Music & Arts Festival 2015 was definitely one for the history books. Held in Birmingham, Alabama at the historic Sloss Furnaces, this two-day music festival featured 32 bands and artists like The Avett Brothers, Magic City natives St Paul & The Broken Bones, and Tyler, the Creator.

Listed as one of USA Today’s 10 Emerging Music Festivals You Should Actually Attend, Sloss Fest is one of many things helping put Birmingham back on the map. This post features the most successful marketing tactics used to organize an unforgettable inaugural weekend for the thousands in attendance.

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General Assembly Blog

General Assembly Atlanta Spotlight

When I came to Atlanta in May after finishing undergrad, I knew I was looking for my next challenge. Moving from a small city with two stoplights, to the warmhearted college town of Tuscaloosa, and then to a city with multiple professional sports teams was definitely an adjustment. With a great-sized city comes countless opportunities to learn and explore, and Atlanta definitely doesn’t disappoint. With a love for innovation and new ideas, I knew that I wanted to immerse myself in the startup and tech culture of Atlanta. Conveniently located in my own backyard, I was able to find learning opportunities at General Assembly, an educational community located at Ponce City Market in Old Fourth Ward.

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