Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping Trends: Consumer Behavior Spotlight

As the holiday season is upon us, busy stores, long lines, and bumper-to-bumper traffic are to be expected as everyone is shopping for those perfect gifts. Not only is the weather changing, but so are our shopping behaviors. Do you think your holiday habits line up with those of other consumers? Read more to find out!

average shopper vs. holiday shopper

The average shopper most likely begins as a casual browser, not necessarily looking for anything in particular. You may make multiple visits to the same store or other stores before actually making a purchase. Consumers typically possess affinity for particular brands – looking for their favorite shoe, toy, or everyday household item brands.

This all changes around the holidays. Customers are looking for particular items that they have on their list and are more likely to purchase an item the first time they visit the store. While brands may typically be important, customers are more driven by price and inventory. If you don’t buy it now, it may not be there the next time you return.

What does this mean for online shopping?

In 2014, Amazon saw over 60% of users making purchases on their mobile devices during the holiday season, with the number of orders placed over a mobile device increasing as it got later into the season. Cyber Monday was the company’s most successful day; Amazon customers worldwide ordered more than 18 toys per second from a mobile device.

The 2015 holiday season is expected to see an even higher increase in online sales. As holiday shoppers look to check things off their lists, they are on a mission to find specific items and will leave a site if they don’t find them quickly and at a good price.

How can retailers adjust?

Millennial Marketer recommends these tips for retailers looking to increase sales during the holiday season:

  • Speed up delivery times when possible.
  • Use discounts to reengage customers who haven’t shopped recently.
  • Use holiday themes in ads, store designs, and other promotions to keep customers engaged and excited about shopping with you.
  • Adjust communication frequency in order to stay top-of-mind.
  • Pay attention to the competition to see if you need to adjust pricing or messaging strategies.

getting the best deals this holiday season

  • Make a list of every person and every gift you’ll buy, no matter how small. This will help you organize your holiday budget.
  • Start as early as possible, but don’t forget to find a good hiding place!
  • To find the best prices for online shopping, use a comparison shopping site, such as
  • Choose to shop last minute? Take advantage of online retailers that offer free shipping.

Before we wrap up the year 2015, don’t forget to shop smart this holiday season. Nothing’s better than a full belly and full pocket too, so make sure you plan ahead to find those perfect gifts for every person on your list.





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