Taylor Swift Connected Generation

The Connected Generation, As Inspired by Taylor Swift

For those of you who know me well, you knew this post was coming — it was just a matter of time that I’d give a shoutout to my favorite artist. It should also come at no surprise to anyone that Taylor Swift has changed today’s music industry and how artists connect with their fans. Having recently attended Taylor’s sold out shows in Nashville and Atlanta, I learned just how relevant social media is to engaging the 25-year-old’s audience and how it has shaped the way our generation connects with the world around us.


With over 3.2 billion people online, the world is more connected than ever before.  Up from 738 million in the year 2000, online communication has transformed the way people share ideas and stay connected with their friends, family, and even their favorite musical artists. Many would argue that we’re TOO connected, like the woman below whose phone is tossed into a wood chipper in the latest Chevrolet commercial.

Chevy Woodchipper

Click here to view this clip with sound [trust me, it’s worth it].

Tragic, right? Honestly, I would probably have a similar reaction. We’ve become so obsessed with our smartphones, that often times, they even have to tell us when to shower or when to go to class. I’d be lost without my calendar notifications and ability to check how many Instagram likes I’ve gotten anytime and anywhere. It’s allowed us to be productive in some ways, and in some ways, not. But there’s no doubt that it’s changed how we interact with one another.

everything has changed

For Taylor Swift, online connectivity has allowed her to relate to her fans on a more personal level. She calls it one of her favorite things about 2015. She can go on Instagram and see pictures of fans getting ready for her concerts with their crazy outfits. She can stalk their Tumblr posts that they never thought she’d see and respond with comments they weren’t expecting.

By having an active presence on social media, Taylor shows fans that she actually cares about what’s going on in their lives – whether that’s a breakup, the passing of a family member, or even a first date. Taylor makes it clear that social media bullying isn’t cool, sharing with fans that “you are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you.”

Taylor Swift Tumblr

Taylor Swift Tumblr creeping at its finest (see more on Buzzfeed)

Taylor Swift Instagram Response

Taylor’s Instagram encouraging response to a bullied fan

With close to 73 million likes on her Facebook page, 65 million Twitter followers and 51.6 million followers on Instagram, all eyes are definitely on Taylor. Her fans want to know what’s happening next in her life, whether that’s cute pictures of her cats, the release of her latest music video,  or photos from magazine photoshoots. At the click of a button, fans can know exactly what’s going on in her world, and she can see what’s happening in theirs.

Speak now

Social media has allowed us to give life updates in real time, respond to our friends about which movie they should watch or what vacation they should take, and follow people that we care about. For some it may be creepy, but it has changed the way relationships are formed and sustained, and how we stay connected to one another.

Even if you aren’t a celebrity, you still have a story to share. By the use of social media, email, text messaging, and video chatting, you can stay connected with friends all around the world and share what you love or what’s happening in your life.

As technology advances, so will the way we continue to revolutionize communication. From wearable tech to behavioral targeting, technology is changing the way we interact with people and brands. For marketers, celebrities, and consumers alike, it’s time to speak now.

CLICK HERE to view taylor swift’s
concert speech that inspired this post.


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